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.NET Coding Horrors - Page 1

Most of us have inherited projects written by others and from that we learned different ways and approaches that other programmer’s used to resolve their problems. Some are good and some are bad. In this section we don’t want the name of the Companies or people, but we want you to share with us the most pathetic horrors and horrible code you have ever come across. Let’s share it and maybe try to understand why they wrote what they wrote; probably this would help us learning from others mistakes and emerging as a better programmer. By doing this win prizes as well as gain points, it can be either of one line or a long block of codes.

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get backup of a table sql script 
Views 67 | Posted on 4/7/2014
Find and Replace in Sqlserver 
Views 147 | Posted on 3/31/2014
Doubt related with windows service 
Views 641 | Posted on 12/7/2013
Fill Dropdownlist from Javascript 
Views 915 | Posted on 11/20/2013
Use of IIF Keyword 
Views 711 | Posted on 11/12/2013
Need help with Multi level Marketing 
Views 442 | Posted on 11/7/2013
Using web services and event handling 
Views 606 | Posted on 10/11/2013
Rest when Tired 
Views 1342 | Posted on 8/6/2013
Stub vs Proxy 
Views 1919 | Posted on 5/27/2013
Unit Testing using Nunit 
Views 1723 | Posted on 5/11/2013
Alternative of Boxing and Un-Boxing 
Views 1568 | Posted on 5/11/2013

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