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What is the salary range of 4.5 years in current market trend?I have 3.5 years in dotnet and 1 year in python.Currently i'm getting per annum 3,15,000.My point of view to ask per annum 6,00,000.Is it correct or not.Can any one guide me please?


Kapil's Advice on Sunday, August 08, 2010 :

The salary range for 4.5 years experience can be from Rs. 4.5 lacs to 9 lacs p.a. However, as I have already stated in previous reponses that it is very subjective based on the  current salary package, how you fare in the interview, how critical your skill is to the recruiting company and may also depend on recruiting company is good paymaster or not.  There is nothing wrong to ask for a higher salary if you think you are worth it.

However, it is very difficult to get almost 100% raise from current salary(3.15 to 6 lpa) but there have been instances where it has happened. General trends is usually 30% - 50% hike on current salary.

Everything is negotitation, and negotitation is also a skill. You may have to take RISKS, Prepare to wait, Prepare to say NO, and May also lose a good chance. It is almost like you negotiate when go in for buying something you do not know what is minimum a seller can go to and seller does not know what maximum margin can he earn. Both need to gauge other's mood ans also note desperation on the other side.(Here you are selling your skills)

For this kind of negotitation, consultants are your friend you need to take him into confidence of knowing the highest range a company can go upto.


-kapil siddharth-

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