Which one i choose .net or python for career growth

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I'm krishnsamy from chennai.now i'm working as a Dotnet and python programmer.
More no of people told me that .net has more no of jobs in mnc 's and as a python programmer u can't get salary like .net .Totally i have 3.5 Years experience in dot net and 1 year experience in python.Is there any MNC using python.Currently i'm getting 3,15,000 per annum.What's the maximum range of salary applicable for me.


Kapil's Advice on Saturday, September 25, 2010 :

It is true that .Net is more applicable and suited for building the enterpirse level applications. Python is more for smaller projects. So scope for .Net is more than in Python. Morever, the advance concepts will only be learnt if you wok on .Net becuase of it application at enterprise level.

The 2 most popular platform for developing a enterprise level applications are .Net and Java. And these 2 languages are mostly used in an MNCs. Python is scripting languages and has high use for RAd decvelopment in automated tesrting etc.

Maximum salary is very variable and also depends on the companies' normalizing the experience based on the relevant experience. But 3.5 years experience person salary can range from 3 lacs to 6 lacs.


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