Is it right choice to move team lead position?

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I have totally 4.5 years experience in IT fields.In Past one year,i'm working as a programmer as well as team lead position.Currently i'm handling 4 peoples and am technically much strong in this field.My major problem is i'm a quiet person and even i'm not talking an unnecessarily to others but at the same time i'm interacting with people politely.I don't know why the management has chosen for me to that position but still i'm holding as an Engineer-IT in my company.I will be getting that position officially on next year January 2011.It will be creating any problem for my quiet person habit.Whether i'm choosing tead lead position or not.Please guide me your valuable advise.


Sainath's Advice on Sunday, August 08, 2010 :
Leadership is influence.
    - Dr.John Maxwell

This is the best definition of leadership I know. Career progress is all about overall growth, with time, your role in an organization should improve consistently. What does that mean - it means what is your current role and to what extent are you helping the organization meet it's goals? This involves growing technically and growing as a leader. The word "people management" is heavily overused in the IT industry. But people cannot be managed, they can only be led - and the best way to do that is by example.

From what you have stated, your management appears to be focused and serious about building the careers of their best staff. The fact that you have been chosen to become a Team Lead officially in 2011 but have been informed of the same at this point means that:

(a) They require your services and wish to retain you in the long term

(b) They are committed to giving you growth opportunities to build your career

(c) They will be watching how you are handling the new responsibilities given to you - at this point you are already a Team Lead in practice though the official designation will come along later

(d) They have spotted potential in you and hence this position has been offered.

In your case, the "position" has sought the "person" and not the other way round.This usually happens only when a person has genuine ability. The best examples are Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam and Dr.Manmohan Singh, who never sought the positions but were so capable that they eventually occupied the highest posts in India.

In any case, after 4.5 years Team Lead is the position you should aim for. After some years in this position you will need to decide whether you wish to go down the Project Management route or the Architecture route. But at this point, becoming a Team Lead is the next logical step.

Being a quiet person by nature is not a problem - many of us have started in that fashion, made some adjustments along the way and progressed in our careers. You don't need to be a flamboyant speaker to lead your team, just make sure that you are yourself doing everything what you expect your team members to do, set the right example.

"What you are shouts so loudly in my ears I cannot hear what you say."
    - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Being a Team Leader is all about how willingly people follow you without you having to tell them what to do all the time. A few pointers on this:

  • Be polite in your interaction with everyone - you already possess this quality
  • Never violate anyone's sense of self-respect - fail to do this and you will lose all influence over your team
  • Praise in public and criticize in private only when necessary
  • Be very conscious about building career paths for your team members - never ever take their presence in your team for granted
All of this makes genuine leaders hard to find - but they do exist and are also producing great results in whatever they do.Use the period between now and January 2011 wisely, put in genuine effort to be worthy of the Team Lead position.

Please check the below article where I have mentioned the requirements of being a quality Team Lead in greater detail.

All the best !


Sainath Sherigar,

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