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 Career advice asked by: Ankit_parmar555| Posted on: 8/2/2011 10:57:24 AM | Views: 58534 | Points: 30

hello sir/mam.
i have completed BCA this year.
and thought i completed my PHP training.
and now i have one year time.
and my area of interest is PHP,.NET.
i have good group in php.
but i want to make my carrier in .NET.
so i m confuse what to do.
what should i have to do.
1 . job in php developing and side by side .net training
2. only .NET training a after that job. or
3. or study further MSC IT OR MCA....

Sainath's Advice on Tuesday, August 23, 2011 :


I assume that you have done a full-time BCA degree. If yes, then the way forward is to go ahead and complete your post-graduation, MCA or M.Sc (IT). Most of the top companies in IT have steep entry barriers and set policies, meaning, you need to have a basic degree under your belt with a consistent percentage. On top of this you need to build all your technical specializations, certifications,etc.Along with this you can start learning .Net from the very basics as you wish to build your career in .Net.

Please note, if you are referring to a part-time BCA or a distance learning degree, the strategy will need to be different.


Sainath S,

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