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Lost JOB and not getting offer.

 Career advice asked by: Joshi_shruti| Posted on: 8/4/2011 6:03:44 AM | Views: 1549 | Points: 30

I lost my job in Mar 2011. Now I am searching for a job. I didn't understand where things are going wrong. In some companies I went upto HR round. I never stick to salary amount which I am expecting. Then also I didn't get any job offer. What will be cause behind this situation?

Sainath's Advice on Sunday, August 21, 2011 :

Please ask for the feedback when you fail to clear any interview, this will give you some clues. Tell the interview panel to be blunt and tell you the truth why you have not been selected. Then brace yourself and hear the feedback with courage. Else you will keep trying at different places without really understanding what's going wrong.

Sainath Sherigar,
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