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Demystify XML and its application 

Last updated on: 21 Jun 2013 02:44:37 PM by Sourav.Kayal | Views: 992 | Category: XML |
This article is to get fundamental idea of XML and its uses and structure


XSLT (eXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformations) 

Last updated on: 25 Apr 2013 06:25:47 AM by Prabhukiran345 | Views: 1492 | Category: XML |
By completing this article one can know: * What is XSLT * Why XSLT * How to work with XSLT * Advantages of XSLT.


How to create a xml file and .NET Object Class from their xsd 

Last updated on: 17 Oct 2011 04:00:23 AM by Debal_saha@yahoo.com | Views: 27708 | Category: XML |
Votes: 1 | Rating: 5 out of 5
Hello friends, recently I stuck with this issue and find the answer in StackFlowOver. Though there is some third party tools are available to automatically do that.I’m also a beginner in XML .In my this simple article I want to describe step by step how can we create a xml document from their schema. But before that let’s know the basics things. I know everyone know about xml except me. So, let’s revise in this.

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