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Sql Server Articles (175) - Page 1

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Database backup in sql server 2008 

Last updated on: 05 Dec 2014 05:17:53 AM by Pritik889 | Views: 414 | Category: Sql Server |
In this article we are going to discuss about SQL server backup task procedure.


Missing Index Analysis and Creation. 

Last updated on: 07 Aug 2014 06:59:23 AM by Deviprasads | Views: 7617 | Category: Sql Server |
Votes: 1 | Rating: 5 out of 5
We get little confused, when the word INDEX comes into the picture? We ask so many questions to our-self before creating a non cluster index, as far as the performance is concern.


Cascading delete in SQL Server 

Last updated on: 19 Jun 2014 06:08:01 AM by Sheonarayan | Views: 7054 | Category: Sql Server |
Votes: 1 | Rating: 5 out of 5
In this article, we shall learn how to enable cascading delete option while creating foreign keys constraints in the SQL Server database.


SSRS Demo Using Stored Procedure with Parameters 

Last updated on: 22 Feb 2014 05:43:46 AM by Pardhu2020 | Views: 4821 | Category: Sql Server |
Votes: 1 | Rating: 5 out of 5
Hi friends today we will discuss about SSRS reports using Stored Procedure with Parameters.


How to create a SSRS report using sql server query 

Last updated on: 21 Feb 2014 01:27:38 AM by Pardhu2020 | Views: 1982 | Category: Sql Server |
Votes: 2 | Rating: 5 out of 5
Hi friends today we are going to have a walk through on how to create SSRS reports using SQL queries


How to convert the row data to column in sql server 

Last updated on: 20 Feb 2014 01:10:05 AM by Pardhu2020 | Views: 1986 | Category: Sql Server |
Votes: 1 | Rating: 5 out of 5
The STUFF function inserts a string into another string. It deletes a specified length of characters in the first string at the start position and then inserts the second string into the first string at the start position.


Using import and Export Data tool how to send data from database to flat file 

Last updated on: 19 Feb 2014 05:23:32 AM by Pardhu2020 | Views: 1930 | Category: Sql Server |
Votes: 1 | Rating: 5 out of 5
In SSIS we using the import and Export Data we can send data from data base to flat file and same way flat file to database.


SQL Joins and replace NULL values with Predefined text 

Last updated on: 22 Jan 2014 04:07:11 AM by Muralikrishna.Surap@Gmail.Com | Views: 4729 | Category: Sql Server |
We all know use of joins in SQL Server where we can merge two(or) more table information into one set of data based some predefined conditions.


Insert, Update using OpenXML in Sql Server 

Last updated on: 21 Dec 2013 02:25:04 PM by Me_Himanshu | Views: 29948 | Category: Sql Server |
We were needed to insert basic details of a user through a registration page.The basic details being firstname, lastname, age, DOB, Address etc..Now inserting and updating the values in the database is very simple thing..But keeping in mind the performance, sometimes we need to adopt alternative methods of performing actions.Here We will Use OpenXML technology of SQL Server,i.e taking the bulk data in XML format and then inserting all the data in one or different tables


Working with Cast and Convert Sql-server function 

Last updated on: 21 Dec 2013 07:07:44 AM by Vishal@Neeraj | Views: 2137 | Category: Sql Server |
In this article we will learn about Working with Cast and Convert Sql-server function.


Working with Choose in-built Sql-Server Function. 

Last updated on: 19 Dec 2013 04:32:02 AM by Vishal@Neeraj | Views: 1504 | Category: Sql Server |
In this article,we will learn about working with CHOOSE in-built SQL Server Function.


Working with OUTPUT Parameters in Stored Procedure 

Last updated on: 17 Dec 2013 12:09:41 AM by Vishal@Neeraj | Views: 1615 | Category: Sql Server |
In this article, we will learn about Working with OutPut parameters in Stored Procedure.


Working with Transaction in Stored Procedure 

Last updated on: 13 Dec 2013 12:15:51 AM by Vishal@Neeraj | Views: 2765 | Category: Sql Server |
Today we will see about working with Transaction in Stored Procedure. Sometimes it's required to have a Transaction in Stored procedure.Because if we are dealing with multiple DML(Data Manipulation Language) operations in sql-server,then we must implement transaction. If multiple statement is executing at the same time,so it's mandatory to have a Transactions. Transaction is a group a set of tasks into a single execution unit.Each transaction begins with a specific task and ends when all the tasks in the group successfully complete.If any of the tasks fails,the transaction fails. Therefore,a transaction has only two results i.e. Success or Failure. Incomplete steps result in the failure of the transaction. Users can group two or more Sql statements into a single transaction using the following statements: 1). Begin Transaction 2). Rollback Transaction 3). Commit Transaction By definition a transaction must be Atomic, Consistent, Isolated and Durable.


How to create and use the File and File Group in Sql Server 2008. 

Last updated on: 05 Sep 2013 04:41:11 AM by Allemahesh | Views: 2870 | Category: Sql Server |
This article will explain how to create and use the File and File Group in SQL Server 2008.


Understanding SQL Server User-Defined Functions (UDFs) 

Last updated on: 26 Aug 2013 12:26:30 AM by Niladri.Biswas | Views: 2928 | Category: Sql Server |
In this Article we will learn about User-Defined Functions (UDFs) in Sql Server.

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