Unable to determine application identity of the caller

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Hi Frds,

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I was trying to store some data in Isolated Storage through an ASP.NET Web Page.

I have used the below code,

Using isoStore = IsolatedStorageFile.GetUserStoreForApplication()

This particular line of code was giving me below error

Error : Unable to determine application identity of the caller

But luckily, before I go in deep and try to fight with this error, I got the solution

Application scoped isolated storage is only available if your program is running as a ClickOnce application. If it is not, you'll get an IsolatedStorageException when you call GetUserStoreForApplication which says "Unable to determine the application identity of the caller.

So now, instead of using above code, change your code as per below to make your application work

Dim isoStore As IsolatedStorageFile

isoStore = IsolatedStorageFile.GetStore(IsolatedStorageScope.User Or _
IsolatedStorageScope.Assembly Or IsolatedStorageScope.Domain, Nothing, Nothing)

Thanks Frds!! Hav fun!!

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