How to implement a style behavior to all specific type of HTML element on the page using jQuery?

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This is done with the help of selector.

<script type="text/javascript">
$("div").css("border", "1px solid gray");
$("div > p").css("background", "green");
$("p").css("color", "blue");
$("input:text", document.forms[0]).css("border", "1px solid red");

In the above code snippet,

The 1st line will select all the div element of the page and add the border style.
The 2nd line will select all the p element which is only inside the div and apply the background color
The 3rd line will select all the p element irrespective of they are inside the div or directly inside the body and will apply the color style. (This will cover p element inside the div as well).
The 4the line will select all Text input field in the first form and apply the border style.

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