Javascript code to block cross side scripting error.

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when any control contain some special charecter or combination of special charecter, we get cross sisde script error.
following are the special charecters and combination of special charecter,which cause this error

There is a setting in page leve and config lavel to allow html contain if make that setting true .. you will not get this error.. but this is not recomended.. the best option is that you should not allow this charecter.. below is the javascript code which will replace all this charecter with blank...

function BlockCrossSideScriptError(obj)

var text=obj.value
//alert('Invalid characters [<,>,#,&] are not allowed and are truncated')

return false;

I have written the function "BlockCrossSideScriptError" which takes the refference of the control(textbox) as a parameter and fetching the value and replace the special charecter with blank and reassigning it to the text box.

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