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CREATE TRIGGER ti1 ON Student FOR INSERT AS Print 'Record inserted successfully'

It will create a trigger for insert operation in the student table. The database and table must exists and the trigger should be unique.

INSERT Student VALUES("Abhisek", 108)

The output will be the following:

Record inserted successfully
1 row(s) affected

Let us see another trigger,
CREATE TRIGGER ti2 ON Student FOR INSERT AS select*from inserted

Here inserted is a logical table and structure is similar to the table on which the trigger is defined. That is the table on which the user action is attempted, and new values of the rows that may be changed by the user action.

Now fire this trigger, and see the output. It will display the data we just entered.
INSERT Student VALUES("Abinash", 107)

Name Roll
Abinash 107
1 row(s) affected

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