display simple crystal report

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tep 1: select Defacult Asp web form;

step 2: Add on Crystal Resport on Existing item;

step 3:open Crystal Report Gallary selct Standared ok

step 4:Click on ok->

step 5: then open automatically standared Report Creation wizard then u click on OLE DB(ADO)

step 6: select the Microst OLD Provide Sql Server then click on next->

step 7: select Server name then click on interted securty option check then selecte then select ur database name

step 8: cleck on next then select OLE DB Services click on finsh

step 9: select on standared Report Creation wizard ur table the finish

step 10:insert on crystal reporty ur table feild on section3(details) drag and drop

step 11: click on ur defacult aspx page

step 12: place two control on form crystal report virewe and crystal report source

step 13: on page loade write this code

crystalReportviwer1.ReportSource=Server.Mappath("Crystal Reportname");

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