Passing named argument as argument in VS2010

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We can used the named parameters in C#2010

create the method as
public string ConcatenateString(string a, string b)
return a + b;

so this will concatenate two strings that we all know,

Now, new in VS2010

calling this function

MessageBox.Show(ConcatenateString("DotNet", "Funda")); //this will Return "DotNetFunda"
MessageBox.Show(ConcatenateString("Funda", "DotNet")); //this will Return "FundaDotNet"
MessageBox.Show(ConcatenateString(b:"Funda", a:"DotNet")); //this will Return "DotNetFunda"

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Posted by: Visittirumal on: 7/19/2010 Level:Starter | Status: [Member]

hi neetika,

first pls specify,
where you wish to display all the details regarding the branch selected from Department dropdown? possible scenarios: Gridview/auto populate the items into the corresponding dropdowns (StaffID,stafftype) when you select an item in the Department dropdown.


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