Important point about var keyword

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Below are some important points about var keyword introduced in C# 3.0 onwards

1. var type of variables can't be assigned null.
2. var variables must be initialized at the time of declaration, however after declaration it can be assigned as null.
3. The initializaton method of of var variable can return null.
4. var variables can be defined for any C# data types variables and any custom types variables for example a class.
5. The var keyword is understood by the Visual Studio compiler only. The compiled assembly contains the normal .NET 2.0 assembly.
6. The var variable is widely used in writing LINQ queries, however it can be used in normal programming as well and now at many occassions it is suggested to use var keyword to declare any types of variables.

var v = 5; // correct
var vv = null // incorrect
string s = null;
var vvv = s // correct

Hope this helps

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