Data Definition Language (DDL)

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Hi All,

Here i am explain DDL concept in Sql Server for beginners.


Its used to create a Database (or) Table
Syntax: Create Database <DatabaseName> // For Create a Database
Create Table <TableName> (<FiledName> <DataType>) //For Create a Table
(Ex: create table test (id int,sName varchar(20))

Its used to Add (or) Delete a Column in the Table
Syntax: Alter Table <TableName> Add <ColumnName> <DataType> //For Add a Column in a Table
Alter Table <TableName> Drop Column <ColumnName> //For Delete a Column in a Table

Its used to Delete a Database (or) Table
Syntax: Drop Database <Database Name> //For delete a database
Drop Table <Table Name> //For delete a Table from Database

Its used to delete a Data's from a Table
Syntax: Truncate Table <Table Name> //For delete a data's from a table

This Syntax are useful to Sql Server beginners.

Cheers :)

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hey really it is great. How you find this. you are genius..;-)

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