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Good effort Manideepgoud, its loading nicely and animations are great. However it would be good to ... 11/20/2019
Hi Deepa, Thanks and can understand your problem however this is not the right place to ask questio ... 12/6/2016
Thanks SkSingh, it helped me. Keep it up! 11/4/2016
First, please move your post into Forums section. I know this is not the right place to ask quest ... 7/25/2016
Good chunk of code snippets, however little bit of explanations would have added a lot of value to t ... 1/5/2016
Please do not just copy-paste the code but also explain these code snippets. Thanks 12/2/2015
The title of the post and code is not in sync. I do not see how this text will become editable. Even ... 4/7/2015
Did n't get how. Which child will get selected and applied with the red background? Please reply ... 1/23/2015
Good point Govind. This post was written in 2009(almost 5 years back) and Trim() function might not ... 5/7/2014
Good one Vishal! 12/16/2013
It would be great if you can describe your code snippet. Thanks 8/21/2013
Dear Coba, Thanks for the post however submitti 7/14/2013
Hi Satyapriyanayak, The way you are copy-pasting the code snippet, it will not help the readers ... 5/9/2013
Hi Rajesh, Thanks for submitting the code snippet, It would be nice if you can explain the code s ... 11/10/2012
Hi Ranjeet, There is no use of these code snippet, if its not properly explained and output is sh ... 8/28/2012
I think this is the easiest way perhaps [CODE] string url = " ... 8/7/2012
In case you want to check for the null, empty and white space too, there is another method called [I ... 3/26/2012
I think as this is not code snippets, so posting inside the Code block /Code tag is not necessary. ... 3/16/2012
Good stuffs :) 3/16/2012
Looks interesting ! 3/16/2012

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