Author: Parks | Posted on: 6/15/2012 8:27:12 AM | Views : 2042

Radarc 3.0 - Integrated Code Generator for the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE. Provides robust architectures ready to model, generate and deploy for the professional developer.

Radarc provides a strict Separation of Concerns splitting Business Know-how from Technical Know-how.

The former is specified in models and can be changed in a technology independent way. The latter is contained in the Formula enclosing all the technical and design details regarding to a specific platform and solution design.

Radarc controls the integrity of the software assets and keeps in sync models and code generated moving the maintenance stage form code to models.

Code Generators in Radarc are packetized as Formulas. A Formula helps to enforce a well-known software architecture.

Supported Formulas:

ASP.NET WebForms
ASP.NET MVC3 with Azure storage and cloud deployment
Microsoft Windows Phone 7
Domain Driven Design N-Layered Architecture

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