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Devart released the new versions of dotConnect ADO.NET providers - enhanced database connectivity solutions for databases and cloud applications, built over the ADO.NET architecture, that support Entity Framework and LinqConnect ORM solutions. New versions of dotConnect data providers offer you support for Entity Framework Core RC1.

Entity Framework Core Support

Entity Framework Core (formerly, Entity Framework 7) is a new version or Microsoft widely used ORM, which is completely redesigned and intended to be a multi-platform and more lightweight ORM solution that can be used in traditional .NET scenarios, in cloud, on devices, etc.

Currently Entity Framework Core support in our providers is implemented only for the full .NET Framework platform ? .NET Framework 4.5.1 and higher.

Since Entity Framework Core is a completely redesigned ORM, which shares little but a name and LINQ support with previous Entity Framework versions, there are a lot of changes in Entity Framework providers for Entity Framework Core.

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dotConnect for Oracle New Features

The new version of dotConnect for Oracle contains a number of improvements. Here are main of them:

OracleLoader Improvements

Now OracleLoader has the Options property, which allows you to configure data loading behavior: keep constraints enabled during loading data, disable tabl

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