How to code the designing of an HTML format card (in a table or div)

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Hi everyone,

The purpose of this module of my website is I want to design an electronic (HTML format) visting card which could be sent to an email address.

If anyone could help please let me know ill put the scenario dor designing card that is in my mind in front of you.

Step 1: Select Template
A template picture is shown and it is clicked. When clicked the ID associated with the template is get and is saved in session.

Step 2: Fill Information
The user fill the fields and click next.

Step 3: Save and Complete
The fields text is get and stored in Session or cookies (which is better? can we use cookies? i am not sure). The card is then shown according to the selected template (How?), and is shown in a div or table in HTML format (How?). It should be then shown in a way a physical card is., i.e., a card shape in a webpage (can we use iFrame? or is there anyother easier and simple way) ( It could be retreived exactly the same afterwards in order to send the card in HTML format (How?) to an email address (How?)
The card is saved (The fields data obviously and the template ID associated with the card ID and User ID is saved in DB). I want that it should be retrieved afterwards with just one click.

I am waiting for you reply...

Thank You.


Posted by: Abhijit Jana on: 11/23/2009 [Member] [MVP] Bronze

I guess the Template should be some HTML Table format with some graphics images. So when user click some Template , you have to read the html content of that Template. Those Template should have some Placeholder like :

Name : < name>
Address :<address>
Email : <email>

Now when user will select the Template, you need to replace the placeholder with original name, like

Name : Abhijit
Address : India
Email :

Now, For storing the Data, you can use BDO (Business Data Object ) which is nothing but a Small DataSet. Which contains the user information , you can save those information in session and can retreive any time.

Please let me know if you need any further help.

Thanks !

Cheers !

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I am using almost the same approach. But I am not sure as to how to use place holder. An example would help. Yes I wil use dataset on the third step which will be my 3rd page for this process. Now I want the content and HTML to be placed in form of a card (shape) and it should be placed in a div in center of my page. I am now tryin to code that.

Your help is welcomed.

Thannk for your reply..

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