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Hi All,

I have a complicated page , there i am using several update panel for diffrent portion ....

first portion include "client addition" in this i am using 3 textboxes and 2 dropdownlist , first for client name and second for mode , at first dropdownlist here i have a linkbutton to open modal popup for adding client name.. the autopostback property of 2nd dropdownlist is true when i changing the mode there is a last portion inwhich the textboxes are populated .. there is second portion for adding particular ( here is also openening modal popup and and some value )...third portion paramete ( there is also openening modal popup and and some value).

all of works fine ...

now my problem is when i firstly click linkbutton to add client details ..popup opens ..addition works fine..closing popup, first dropdownlist ( populated based on condition populated works fine ..but when i change the value of second dropdownlist its not working...secondly if i click add link then popup opens but when i am submitting value the button in it not working even closing button not working..

i have do certain changes or code but it not working , any solution ?


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The link below contains example of this

Thanks and Regards,

Vinay Gandhi

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