Search process is very slow in access 2010

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I have developed an application access 2007. there was a form with some textbox. The form fetches values from a access table. those values are shown in those textboxes. client can click on any of the textboxes and press CTRL + F button. a search box was comming there with the column name in the Look In.

Now client is opening the same .accdb file in access 2010. Now in the search there is some problem. column name is not comming in the Look In drop down.

The whole search process is also very slow. In case access 2007 it was taking less than 1 min.

In access 2010 it is taking more than 20 mins. It is the main concern now.

Please help me to solve it


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large data have?

best move to sql server becos large data stored available here.

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