How to use two user controls as Master -Details.

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I have 2 User Controls already created now I want to use one as Master User Control and another as Details User control as follows
1 Parent Control
1.1 - USer Control 1 as Master Control
1.2 - User Control 2 as Details Control

The Master Control has the List box where I select the name of the Item and the Details Control Displays the all the available Items in stock.
I have Added ItemId in the Parent Control and bound it to the Master Control and Details Control (both controls have ItemId as DP).
When I select the Item from Master the details Grid is not refreshing.

How can I make sure that when I select the Item from Master User Control; the Detail User Control should show me the details?


Posted by: Manthanmj on: 6/25/2012 [Member] Starter | Points: 25

I have resolved it by using the callback function.
When the value of the dependency property ItemID changes the callback function in Details Control, It will refresh the Details values of the Master Record.

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