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I've got a console app, and it uses some assemblies that aren't mine, and those assemblies use Debug.WriteLine from time to time. Normally, in a forms or ASP app, this isn't a problem, but in a console app, this meaningless spew comes out interleaved with the output I'm actually using, right there on the console. How do I keep it out of my standard output? I have tried:
1) Console.SetError(TextStream.Null)
2) Removing the DefaultTraceListener, and verifying that both the Debug and Trace listener collections are empty
3) Making sure all assemblies are compiled in release mode with DEBUG not defined
4) All of the above together
and still, the Debug.WriteLine output won't go away -- at least not when the app is run from Visual Stupido. How the heck can I stifle all this spew??


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