Want to create URL rewrite based on User Id and Password.

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On my site I have a several Level. For Example http://site.com/{0}/{1}/{2}/. . . . /{n}/*.aspx
1. {0}=> Subscription module
2. {1}=> Tenant/Template module.
3. {2}=>Application/Work space module.
. . .
. . .
. . .
. . .
n. {n}=> DB/ Template Management Module.

In the code behind of my Login.aspx page, I get the userId, Password and pass this to a method in my DAL.GetUserByUserId().
In y database I have a tabl called Members and Application_Mapping tables. The method get the data from members table and display details on the page about the user.
What I want to happen is when they have logged in and are diverted (based on the Application_Mapping table) to corresponding page.



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