Dispaly values into datagridview combobox column according to search

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I have a combobox in datagridview, I am successfully adding the record into db,storing the combobox id(value member)value into db.I am using search button to dispaly the values into datagridview.
combo box column:
display members: A,B,C(Prod)
Value Memeber:1,2,3(ID)

ID Date Prod
2 7/26/2012 B
3 7/27/2012 C
2 7/27/2012 B
1 7/28/2012 A

when search from 7/26/2012 to 7/27/2012, Datagridview display the 3 records:

my Datagridview consists Combobox-(Products),textbox(Date)
i am displaying the products in combobox and date in textbox

Products Date

B 7/26/2012
C 7/27/2012
B 7/27/2012

Please give me any solution

Thanks in advance

Sucharitha Goud
Bank Of America..


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