Wanted some ideas/projects on finance domain..........

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Hi All
i have 3+ experience in s/w development in ERP domain and i am going to work a new company where i have to work in finance domain.

i have zero knowledge in finance domain so it's very important to get some domain knowledge before stating work on that,even i have interview where i have to face some question on this domain.

so i am requesting to post some project with some ideas/documentation on this financial domain so that i can go thru to get some knowledge..

it's very urgent ...waiting for your quick reply......



Posted by: Sgtammana on: 8/5/2012 [Member] Starter | Points: 25

For a 3 yrs candidate they will ask only the basics of oops, behaviour of Abstract, interface, static. how to declare of these, usages and differences.
In dotnet they will the basics like how u connect to db, how to pass (if uses Application blocks)through layers,Communication and other areas like datbase queries.

They won't ask the domain specific questions. because for the 3 yrs candidate they will the development not the analyst roles.

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