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I am wroking on the project with following need.

Step 1: The admin(non technical user) can design the form runtime and add user controls eg textboxes, drop-down list, radio buttons etc either by drag and drop or by any button click event. Lets say the admin designed a form for the tax office with following details:-

Textbox for name, email and address
radiobutton for self employee or employee
checkbox for newsletter. -------This step is fine i can add the controls runtime

Step 2: Once the form is designed the admin can save the from and let other end users to fill that. ---- but how to save the from to let the end user use that?
Step 3: The data must be saved into the database. ---- how to go ahead with the database, because i dont know what the user will chose..based on my research EAV model is somewhat i can use. However, i read a few drawbacks of that as well.

any help will be highly appreciated.

Kind regards


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try this code

TextBox txt = new TextBox();
RadioButton rad = new RadioButton();
CheckBox chk = new CheckBox();

txt.ID = "Txt" + "one";
txt.Text = "Jesus Never Fails";

rad.ID = "rad" + "rad1";
rad.Checked = true;

chk.ID = "chk" + "chk1";
chk.Checked = true;


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Great webinar and nice presentaion Sanneke!

Near the end you showed how a Solution Model method can be saved as a Servoy form. That is good. Is the opposite possible? Can a pre-existing Servoy form be saved directly as Solution Model code?

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