Probem generating right soap message with WCF client - WS-Security standard

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Basically my problem is communicate with a web service that use WS-Security standard. The client I'm working on is in .net 4.0 C# (WCF) and the service is non .net (I don't know what kind of technology is behind) Basically the message that I have to send to the service, must have a signed UsernameToken without password and encrypted body trough HTTPS using a certificate. Although I have written a lot of wcf services, I 'm not an expert in signing, cryptography and in SW-security so I don't know how to resolve the problem.

I Attached an example of the message that was been provided to me by a company that has already done a client like this, but in another technology (I suppose in java or PHP), the WSDL file that represents the service + (xsd).

I already lost a week googling around and trying some approaches but without success.



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