SilverLight vs Html5 which had a future ....?

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hi folks ,
i had a small doubt on the existence of html5 in the future .
Let me ask you
As per me, MicroSoft will always want to be as a leader and it does not want to follow some one (html5).
Already they had a good weapon of silverlight and surly it had a life time of up to 2022(approx) ,
so now if they don't want to become a followers of some one like HTML5 , they had an option that to make silverlight cross platform technology which is compatible with IOS and Android and they should make as a open source then the Microsoft silverlight fever will come to all the software technocrats but the biggest question is will MicroSoft
do this...........?
If(MicroSoft had done )
Plugin less Silver Light came into existence , then what is the future of html5 ........?
What does they do .........?

Thanks and Regards
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Posted by: Hariinakoti on: 9/18/2012 [Member] Starter | Points: 25

How can we tell Saratvaddili.Day by day advanced features will come in html and silverlight also.

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