how to acheive expand and collapse functionalities in

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i have 100 lines of text in textarea control

beside textarea i have one button.if i click on that button textarea has to be dissappear and if click again it has to be appear.

how can i get this functionality.

Thanks in advance



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This can be achieved using javascript.
You can use the following code for reference --


<span><a id="displayTextEName" href="javascript:toggle();">[ Expand ]</a></span>
<div id="toggleTextEName" style="display: none;">
-- Your Textarea control

Then the javascript function toggle should be defined as below --

function toggle() 

var eleMethod = document.getElementById("toggleTextEName");
var textMethod = document.getElementById("displayTextEName");
if ( == "block") { = "none";
textMethod.innerHTML = "[ Expand ]";
else { = "block";
textMethod.innerHTML = "[ Collapse ]";


For your case as you require the expansion functionality on button click, in the above code instead of hyperlink you can take a button control and Onclick event of button you can call the javascript function toggle().

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Javascript Code...

    function doMenu(item) {

obj = document.getElementById(item);
col = document.getElementById("x" + item);
if ( == "none") { = "block";
col.innerHTML = "[-]";
else { = "none";
col.innerHTML = "[+]";

html code
<a href="javascript:doMenu('main2');" id="xmain2">[+]</a>

<div id="main2" style="margin-left:1em">
<textarea id="TextArea1" cols="20" rows="2">
this is ur text area.....

Vikash Pathak

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