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Hi All,

Note: 'I am not using Membership.

On the login page I would like to place a Forgot Password link. So when the User clicks on the link Email Address and Username will be entered which will be verified in the database.

Then a link is send to the User for the <b>ChangePassword.aspx</b> which will expire in one day.

How to Create this link which is secure.

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You are trying to send this change password link through email correct, then in database where you have store all the user detail add one more column and save the link with queryString which is sent to the user. And maintain the expiry condition at database level e.g. check whether the request sending date has been over by 1 day or 2 day whatever.

The link probably like this

Whereas, here 123 is the random ID generated for the specific user.

Hope, somehow this idea will help you at some level.


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