how to dispose the proxy in server side code when client is closed forcefully

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In WCF we can dispose the proxy object in client in any one of the method.
Either we can close the proxy or Abort the proxy when some timeout happens or any exception comes.
But when the client is shut down forcefully(from task manager ending the process) or due to some other reason then the client side method will not be called.So how do i close or abort the proxy in server side since the chanels are still open.

Another issues related to WCF

In one of my server method i am using ManualResetEvent waitone which we are calling from client side after some timeout the event is reset and the method is called again it is working fine. But when it is in wait state and the client got closed without reset of the ManualResetEvent, then cannot access that method next time the proxy state is becoming fault state. I am not able to access that method until the IIS is restarted but i don't want to restart the IIS. Instead i need to handle this in server side so please if any one knows kindly let me know.


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