how to send verfication email after registration

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any body help me if the new user can register the website.After registration we want to send verification email.If the user cannot verified that email we want to show alert you are not verified like naukri



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Hi reddyShankar,
During registration, you will insert records in to some table let it be Reg_Recs in that take a column Verified of bool type.
By Default take Verified column as false for each record.
Send mail to the user, in that send a link of some page let it be verify.aspx . Pass query string which contains username as
verify.aspx?user=username.Text in the message you will send to user mail id in the code behind of Registration page.

If the user opens his mail and click on the link you send make column value verified to true.

For sending mail check article

For displaying unverified message check verified column in Reg_Recs if it is false display message.

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