i need ti render a view based on a id i am using html helper class for this

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public static void RenderPartial(this HtmlHelper helper,int storeid)
MenuFinalEntity MenuTypeObj = new MenuFinalEntity();
var query = from c in MenuTypeObj.SiteMenus where c.StoreId == storeid select (int?)c.MenuTypeId;
int? menuid = query.SingleOrDefault();
var name = from b in MenuTypeObj.MenuTypes where b.MenuTypeId == menuid select b.MenuType1;
string Mname = name.SingleOrDefault();
This is the helper class i am using and i dont know what parameters to be passed into it while using this method

my code in my view looks like


inside the renderpartial menthod what are the parameters that i should pass??

what is (this HtmlHelper helper) in my code....................

Please to help me... i am struggling


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