what do we understand by plateform independent language

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can any body provide the details abot platform independent language


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Paltform Independent
Software that can run on any hardware platform (PC, Mac, SunSparc, etc.) or software platform (Linux, MacOS, Unix, Windows, etc.)

Platform independent means the execution of the program is not restricted by the type of os environment provided...thereby make it possible to process the program at any type of environment available.

Java is a platform independent language because of the byte-code magic of java. In java when we execute the source code...it generates the .class file comprising the byte-codes. Byte-codes are easily interpreted by JVM which is available with every type of OS we install.

Whereas C and C++ are complied languages which makes them platform dependent. The source code written in C / C++ gets transformed into an object code which is machine and OS dependent. That's the reason why C and C++ languages are termed as Platform Dependent.
Dot-net frame Work was not an language dependent currently it is supporting more than twenty language

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