hi how to get the uer control value for page load in aspx page

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i am using user control for multi select drop down.the multi select drop down contain two checkbox list.first checkbox list contain all item selected coding and second one multiselect checkboxlist.i am binding the user control the following procedure

DataTable dtmsdCompany = Controller.GetNameDetailsToDataset("getvendorname").Tables[0];
the following data table contain ST,VT,TST,RT
i want output i am using another dropdown this dropdown name toadd .the toadd bind the multiselectdropdown value
this drop down fill the following procedure here:
ALTER procedure [dbo].[proc_Getcontactperson]
@shortname varchar(max)
select Namekey from dbo.tbl_Businessdetailkeyperson where ShortName=@shortname
first time i am select in mulidrop down shortname ex="VT" that time to add dropdown contain particular name key,next time i am selecting another checkbox list value that time bind another value.suppose i am select all condition that time load the all toadd name in toadd dropdown
i am using the following code

this is my aspx page load code
string company = "";
List<IDNamePair> _listItems1 = new List<IDNamePair>();
IDNamePair obj1;
int j=0;
DataTable dtmsdCompany = Controller.GetNameDetailsToDataset("getvendorname").Tables[0];
string[] s = (dtmsdCompany.Rows[j][0].ToString()).Split(',');
for (int i = 0; i < dtmsdCompany.Rows.Count; i++)

foreach (string str1 in s)
DataLoader.LoadDropDownList(dropname, "Select", "Getcontactperson", "NameKey",str1);
//dropname.Text = str1;


please help me very urgent.


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Make the user control as public

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