How to make this command with formview, details view and list view?

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Hi every body

I'm new in learning ASP.NET with C#..and I have these questions:

1) Insert new product with a form view

2) Edit current product using details view

3) List view shows employees as a list

4) List view shows employees as a tables

That means I have already database "Northwind" and has tables "Products" and "Employees" ..I need to deal with this database in ASP.NET 2008 with c# with SQL SERVER 2005

Also there is an image table and after creation of this table with these fields:
Image ID, Image Title, Image tooltip, Image Description and Image URL

then how to make this:

A) List view will show all images

B) List view will add new image

C) List view will delete an image

C is a sea.. and you are the sea of C!

Thanks & Regards


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