Concepts of a few common ASP.Net terms like dll and assemblies.

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Hey could somebody please explain what exactly is a source file , dll and assemblies . and the concept of the bin folder .


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The bin folder holds binary files, which are the actual executable code for your application or library.

Source files are the one where the user code is written

when the source code is compiled then the dll is created with the project name

assemblies are the fundamental units of applications in the .NET Framework. An assembly can contain classes, structures, interfaces, and resources that an application requires.

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dll is dynamic link library in which we can create customized namespaces.By including this namespace in our application we can use the functions in our namespace.
only thing is we need to create a object for the class.It is a executable and resuable file.
A dll is automatically created in when we build a project.u can referance this dll in other projects.
Source File:
Source files are essentially the files a designer uses to create their designs.where the user code is written ,
A precompiled code that can be executed by the .NET runtime environment. A .NET program consists of one or more assemblies.

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