question on thirdparty controls with windows forms

Posted by Gayathri under VB.NET on 1/26/2010 | Views : 2090 | Status : [Member] | Replies : 3
i got a question from someone during one of my interviews.

1) have you worked on any third party controls with windows forms
i replied yes datagrid in vs2003.. Any more controls are there?

2) have you worked on dimensions? yes .. arrays ..
is that right?


Posted by: Nishithraj on: 1/27/2010 [Member] Bronze

There are plenty of 3 party controls available for windows forms. Not only datagrid. They are availabe in the form of ActiveX,DLL,COM,.NET controls etc.

Following website provides different 3party controls for imaging

also check

Following is a treeview control

So, exactly defining the limit of 3 party controls is not possible at all. you can say some of them.

The word dimension has many interpretations.

In general we can say the definition as follows.

If we measure some image a dimension can declare as follows.
An object of the Dimension class is a container for two public instance variables named width and height. These variables are both defined as type int.

If you take that in array, in single dimensioned array has only one cordinate to represent.

In case if he is referring for dimensional tables of Analysis service , it's different. So, What he really meant, that we need to know...
2 dimensional has two ways. it can be hight & width or any other cordinates

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With regards
Nishithraj Narayanan

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Posted by: Abhi2434 on: 1/27/2010 [Member] [Microsoft_MVP] [MVP] Silver

Arrays are somewhat right. But you should have asked on what do you mean by dimensions if you dont know what he meant in the interview... Dimension have lots of meaning, and it would be contextual as well.

And regarding 3rd party controls, I think 3rd party controls are those which doesnt come with visual studio but you need to install and use it by purchasing them (or for free)

There are lots of those available.


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Posted by: Bubbly on: 1/27/2010 [Member] Bronze


1) Windows form support lots of third party controls like infragistics, telrik or rad, Devexpress etc..

2) I would agree with Abhi that you could have clarified with the interviewer exactly what he meant by dimensions (in which context)

Thanks & Regards,

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