Strange Menu or Button behavior when using Gesture to Select Menu's in Kinect 1.6

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Good Day

i have a Kinect Application, i have tested it with mouse to navigate the Menu's to make sure it is not a WPF issue , but still these are just my assumptions.

Now if you look at the location of the "Game3" button its on the Far right and my problem is the following , if you click "Game1" as as depicted above it will take you to this screen

now as you can see the location or part of the Button is sitting in the same location as "Game3" button , so if you select this button , it does two strange things

1) Its either it goes to the "Game3" Page and it moves to the "MainMenu" page (This happens very fast)

2) It goes to "Game3" Page

The button code behind says it must go back to the main menu

      (Application.Current.MainWindow.FindName("_mainFrame") as Frame).Source = new Uri("MainMenu.xaml", UriKind.Relative); 

so when you select the button that is supposed to take you back to the mainmenu , takes you to "Game3" button as depicted

Please note that this behavior can be reproduced only if you do gestures , not with a click of a mouse. I have attached the example project.


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