How to Print the data of MS Access in C#

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I am developing one school-application. The detail is as follows:
(1) I have a database(MS ACCESS) named SCHOOL
(2) In that database, there is one table named student_det.
(3) There are 5 fields in that table which are roll_no, name, age, addr and class.
(4) Now, i want to extract data from the database depending on the selection of the roll_no of the student from the front-end
(5) I want to build this application in such a way that, suppose, programmer enter any roll_no, then it will print the details of that student, with School-name on the top (like-wise, shopping-receipts, where, shop name is written on top)

Please help in this.

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Hello Prachi,

What kind of Application are you developing Windows or Web App.

If you are developing Web App then you bind the data to a gridview and print the page.

In Windows you will have to use Reporting tool.

So can you specify what kind of app you are going to develop, web or windows.

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