Do not talk to men about these four secrets

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For each person, the pursuit of the degree of privacy is not the same. Some people think that lovers should each other

candid, there is no secret. As a woman, their innermost secrets only in a specific time out to taste them alone, and

lovers cannot share. You need to keep these four secrets from man.The emotional experience of a person cannot be just for

some. Have occurred in the romance of a woman like occasional episodes of pain? Ex-boyfriend and "the former husband" will

wake up when they heard the hidden inner feelings, such feelings woman entangled, so that the woman was removed. The

reason, mixed with a concern for the past.
The woman afraid of their own private affairs by men free to say experts, especially once touching relationship with a

former lover now knows. If you want to protect these should properly handle the relationship with "predecessor".
Most taboo "sharp tongue", the men and women break up to enumerate each other roads counts equal to their tree a deep-

seated antagonists. In particular, do not take the money "and" sex "that thing, both men's self-esteem, a break up all the

self-esteem of the men stripped the women, the man does not care about the band a little bit of her! A man never

understands that a woman craze for famous brand. They prefer to buy a better performance of electronic products rather

than buy a Louis-vuitton bags outlet os. This is the difference between both
Second, life secret
Love modern people, most of them believe in the principle of "my site I call the shots". But life often the sun secret two

girlfriends, and finally let their love towards the Woman living in private events. Spread out its hazards force is not so

large, but still to some extent caused psychological torture.
Governance in this regard, women want to reduce as much as possible to share the secret with girlfriends, unless you are

really sure she really is your "girlfriends". Do not always put on a strong sense of superiority gesture when meet a less

conspicuous female friends,. Do not cause widespread jealousy of others, so as to cause harm to you. The scourge, of a

woman "than" out, you want a stable life - a man to be calm!


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