adding Dates from jquery date picker selected date

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Hai friends,
I m creating one application for sales ppl travel format
jquery date picker:
$(function() {


Travel Stratdate:<asp:TextBox ID="txtDeDate" runat="server" />
from :<asp:TextBox ID="txtfm" runat="server" />
to:<asp:TextBox ID="txtto" runat="server" />
numberofdays:<asp:TextBox ID="txtnumdys" runat="server" />
ADD:<asp:Button ID="ADD" runat="server" Height="25px" OnClick="ADD_Click">

my doubt is i m selecting the datepicker is '01-mar-2013' and enter the from and to place numberdays given:"2"
if i added the all details means("Entire details ll be added on my database" depends on numbers of days datepicker ll shoe sum date
(datepicker+numberdays) ll show date picker textbox for next time choosing


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