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Hai friends,
i m creating one sample application its tour planning program the details of my application.

add(submit button)
after click the add button the details ll show on gridview and my calendar automatically ll show the next day of where i m added date and i also disable the date where i alredy added on gridview.
i new to how to do that
give any suggestion


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If you need to select date and click add button and automatically next day to be displayed on calender, below are the code-
Calendar1.VisibleDate = Calendar1.SelectedDate.AddDays(1);
Calendar1.SelectedDate = Calendar1.SelectedDate.AddDays(1);

After next day displays on the calender then previous day to be disabled on the Gridview, below are the code-
Label lbldateName = ((Label)e.Row.FindControl("lbldateName"));
lbldateName .Enabled = False;

Jitendra Kumar
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