Share Dll in loosely coupled clickonce applications

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hey, i m working on a project , i am developing it in visual studio 2010, c# winforms and devexpress (also trying to change it to WPF MVVM)
its a kind of toolbox, toolbox should be generic i.e. if any new tool added, toolbox should automatically add it (when in network), toolbox and tool both should be auto update (i am using clickonce for this), i am using process.start to run a tool from toolbox (bcz toolbox and tools are loosely coupled), but now the new requirement is, that dlls which are using by different tools should reside with toolbox only and tool should have their reference only (i find it very difficult bcz toolbox is loosely coupled with tool) so if you can suggest anything that can help me to keep all dll with one application (toolbox) and other are only using ref. of it (tools)..or in another solution, if we have tight coupling between toolbox and tools (one solution , multiple project) then how can we achieve this function (dll only at one place) also the autoupdate (because clickonce is not supporting multiple project deployment as far as i know)..any help on this is appreciated.



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