what is the use of identity impersonate="true"?

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Hi sir,
I want to know use of identity impersonate="true" in web.config. Can you give me the sample codes
to understand clearly. Kindly give me the solution for this problem. I attached the below code
in web.config, but i dont know the exact usage of impersonate.

<identity impersonate="true" userName="krish" password="krish@123"/>

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Hai Prabu,
The <Identity> element in the web.config file is used to control the identity of the Web application. Impersonate is the attribute which is used whether the impersonation is used on each request or not based on its value.
With the Impersonation attribute, we provides the value either true or false with the user name and password which indicates that the application should take these credential automatically for running the application.
For more detailed description, you can follow the below MSDN link:
Hope it will be helpful to you.

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