Restrict or show warning if user not selected item in the list

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Hi All,

I am using jquery auto complete extender feature to enter city or cars in the text box.

i am getting data in data set i am lopping the data set and separated with commas i am assigning to hidden filed.

in text box focus i am sourcing the data to from hidden filed using the below code.

function CityAutoComplete() {
var CityautocompleteVal = document.getElementById('<%=CityAComplete.ClientID %>').value.split(",");

$(document.getElementById('<%=txtCity.ClientID %>')).autocomplete({ source: CityautocompleteVal });

//CityautocompleteVal --> hidden field

my problem is some times user is not selecting the text from list.

i want to validate the text and show warning message or nee to restrict the suer to enter the text.

Please help me whether it is possible from client side.


Bhanu Prakash Bysani


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