How to check a user on another webpage after login ,request is originated from that user.....

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i have prepare a application in vs10.
in this i validate a user on login page and user have role that is user is only able to access only their accessible page not another role's user.

e.g. a normal user not have authority to access admin page.

so,how can i do this ........
please help's urgent.....



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You can achieve like this..
I hope every page must have a master page right.
So check the condition in the master page.
You would maintain some status for the user roles.
For example: if the user is an Admin , the status might be 1
for the normal users, the status might be 2.

Maintain this role status on the database.
so that, you can easily achieve this.

Step 1: Get the userid and username in the session.
By passing this username to the database ,get the
user role status.
Now, store this status on the session .
Example:Session["UserRole"] ="1"

Step 2:
Check this on the master page.

if(Convert.ToString(Session["UserRole"]) == "1")

//give access to those pages alone.
else if(Convert.ToString(Session["UserRole"]) == "2")

//give access to those pages alone.

Step 2:

Thanks & Regards,
Santhi .V

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