How to use FileUpload control inside Gridview use LinkButton??

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How to use FileUpload control inside Gridview inside UpdatePanel use LinkButton??

LinkButton or ImageButton HasFile is null.............

Plz help me.............



Posted by: Snaveen on: 2/14/2014 [Member] Starter | Points: 25


Design your gridview like below.


<asp:FileUpload ID="flUpload" runat="server" Width="80%" CssClass="LabelHead" CausesValidation="false" Visible="false"/>
<asp:LinkButton ID="btnupload" CommandName="Edit" runat="server" Text="UpLoad" ToolTip="UpLoad"
CausesValidation="false" />
<asp:LinkButton ID="btnsave" CommandName="Save" runat="server" Text="Save" ToolTip="Save" Visible="false"
CausesValidation="false" />
<HeaderStyle Width="9%" />

and in coe behind wrote below lines of code under gridview itemcommand event.

protected void dgdocument_ItemCommand(object source, DataGridCommandEventArgs e)

if (e.CommandName == "Save")
//perform ur action on here

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